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  • Front view of Keep Calm and Carry On Women's Fitted T (Duck Egg Green on Charcoal)

Women's Keep Calm and Carry On Fitted T

Duck Egg Green on Charcoal

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Keep Calm and Carry On.

More relevant today than it ever was. The perfect T for any high pressure situation.

This Duck Egg on Charcoal T is unusual, timeless, and really fresh.

The artwork on this quality 100% cotton T comes from a wonderful poster that was printed by HMSO near the end of the war, and re-discovered in a British attic many years later. More History here… We bought our poster a few years ago from Barter Books - the home of the original World War 11 poster. Now we stock them too! Beware - there are a few copycats out there… always remember who was there first! Check for the white and red Yes No Maybe label on your T for Authenticity. As the saying goes: Keep Calm and Carry On!

Please note: Customers outside Europe pay less than advertised, as they don’t pay UK VAT.

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